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Building Hub is a ‘central building and construction portal’ for business and private customers, who are looking for the full building spectrum, under one roof.

On this easy-to-use portal, a wide range of professionals, services and supplies are just a click away.

We all know how challenging it can be to project-manage any building project.

Building Hub makes that process a lot easier by bringing you all the professionals, services and suppliers under one roof.

All of our members adhere to our code of conduct and share the same vision to bring you an all-around better and more professional experience.


Nicol du Plessis

I am a Professional Architect. Our practice brings together essential conceptual design skills as well as technical expertise needed in addressing small, medium and large-scale architectural projects.


Anita Fivaz

I am a Property Attorney. We commit to the highest standard of legal service delivery, while ensuring that each client is treated like a unique individual requiring a bespoke solution.


Wessel Esterhuizen

I am a Professional Engineer. We designs structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use.


Michelle Maltz Shevelew

I am a Professional Architect. The emphasis of m2s architects is to pursue a process of rigorous design exploration relevant to modern lifestyles while simultaneously delivering a service matched by the quality of the product.


27 November 2015

SEDA Expro

SEDA Expro for Entrepreneurs at the CTICC was a great success and sincere thanks to Building Hub’s pointmen.

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Cape Town International Convention Centre

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